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  • Los Angeles -> Boston -> NYC
  • Obsessed with tech, media, and cocktails.
  • NYU Alum with a B.A. in Economics.
  • 2.5 years as analyst at Crane Partners, a multi-strategy hedge fund with focus on private investments and derivatives. Led all early-stage technology investments.
  • ~2 years as an early employee at CB Insights focusing on research and data analysis around private company financings.
  • Currently investing in Frontier Technology startups at Rothenberg Ventures

My name is Michael Dempsey. I was born in LA, grew up in Boston, and currently reside in NYC.


I graduated from New York University with a degree in Economics a semester early in December 2011. Upon graduation, I spent 2.5 years at a multi-strategy hedge fund called Crane Partners. As the only analyst on a team of less than 6, I was able to take on a fair amount of responsibility and learn a lot through the relatively unique investment strategies that the fund employs. In general,  I learned to both financially and operationally analyze entire industries from OEMs to “tier 3+” players from the scope of multiple asset classes including private equity, venture capital, and public investments, while also gaining experience with the internal management of portfolio companies. Eventually, I developed a thesis to invest in early-stage technology companies, sat on the board of Doctor.com (one of my first investments), and led all early-stage tech investments for the fund.


From there I went on to join CB Insights, a structured data and predictive analytics startup as one of the first 15 employees. At CB Insights I developed unique analyses around the previously opaque industry that is venture capital in the form of private client reports, quarterly industry reports, and research pieces for our company blog. There I categorized the area of Frontier Tech, in addition to focusing on food tech and international venture capital.


Currently I invest in Frontier Tech startups at Rothenberg Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund.


When I’m not looking for the next moonshot, you can find me writing, taking photos, enjoying a well-balanced cocktail, playing music, golf, or basketball, and exploring whatever city I am in.


Passion is what drives people. These are some of my passions.


    I open-source my notes, thoughts, and half-baked ideas on a near-daily basis.


    I write about technology, entrepreneurship, media, and a variety of other things on my blog.


    I take photos with a Sony DSLT, Fuji X10, and a mobile phone


    Early-stage venture capital to private equity to public markets.



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