Google Glass vs. The World

Stories are being published left and right about countries, bars, and everywhere in-between looking to ban Google Glass before it even reaches the public market.

Although I understand the concern many people have, I think that all of this is incredibly premature. Having cameras in everybody’s pocket had some very obvious privacy concerns in places like gyms, however they were banned after we saw consumer behavior. Glass isn’t even getting that chance.

I know it’s a little stupid that I’m essentially saying, “Wait for people to make mistakes and create problems before you stop them.” but innovation can’t be stunted by preemptive policies. People have been texting and driving since text messages were available, and that still isn’t even illegal in most states.

Facebook has been down this road before with the News Feed. People didn’t like having everything broadcast and consolidated on a single feed, but eventually the market came around and accepted its usefulness, ingenuity, and purpose. Let’s take some time before we go after the probably hyper-intrusive, relatively-distracting, but potentially world changing Google Glass. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on Glass.

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