Collective Intelligence, Multi-Agent Debate, & AGI


What magical trick makes us intelligent? The trick is that there is no trick. The power of intelligence stems from our vast diversity, not from any single, perfect principle. Marvin Minsky The Frontiers of Increasing AI Performance There has been a lot of work done on pushing the performance of machine learning with the structure of transformers + scaling in the past few years. Alongside this, AI...

AI Agents, Product Velocity, & User Interfaces


I kind of thought of the UI as the product and then machine learning came along and the Machine learning was there to sort of help the UI and that shifted completely. Now AI is the product and the UI is there to to help the AI to capture better signal. — Gustav Söderström, Co-President, CPO & CTO at Spotify, Source It’s very clear that some version of the future includes a world where...

The Importance of Founder Pedigree In Emerging Technologies


When an area becomes consensus but is still somewhat novel or hard to parse for investors, they often try to distill companies into very clear-cut and easily “findable” metrics in order to make decisions. In many cases, this wave of chaos, rapid change, and complexity pushes investors to retreat into discussing a constant in startups; Founders. And as one searches for Founder-Company...

The Dark Forest of R&D and Capital Deployment in AI


AI companies today find themselves in multiple cycles of R&D and commercialization, making an implicit bet that the millions or billions of dollars spent on R&D will eventually lead to market domination and massive scale years from now. This pushes these companies into a dark forest they must navigate

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